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Roleplaying Rules

Postby Just some lady » Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:11 pm

1) Anyone can create an RP! If you have an idea and want to run one, just make a topic with your rules in the first post and go from there--if necessary, a separate interest topic or sign-up topic is allowed.
2) The creator of a given RP decides how it is going to work--and, they can (so long as they do not violate the forumwide rules) decide whatever they want in regards to its subject, organization, and who they will allow into their RP.
2A) That said, as an RP creator, try not to abuse your powers--respect your players so that they will respect you.
3) When creating an RP, try and judge how rule-intensive you are going to be; If it is a more structured deal with close control of a GM, then put [SRP] in the title of the topic. Conversely, if it is a less directed or planned game, then put [FFRP] in the title--use your own judgment as to what best fits your game. Sign-up and/or interest topics, should you feel you need them, do not require tagging like actual roleplaying threads do.
4) Please try to play fair with your fellow RPers--everyone is here to have fun.
5) This is not a room for discussions of RPs. You can do that in the RPG Systems or General discussion room.
6) Try to be unique. We don't really need eight different Sailor Moon RPs, or several dozen Mecha wars.
7) Keep the dead dead folks (no necroposting).
8) The moderator for this room is for moderating forum disputes, not in RP disputes. Inside the RP, the GM/DM is in charge and their word is final. Don't like how they run the game? Well, you either deal with it or leave the game, its their game to run.
8A) That being said, an argument between players or with the RP's creator can become forum disputes. At that time a moderator might get involved. You really don't want this, as our word is final. (so play nice) We want to be a fly on the wall in the RP room, we really do not want to become involved in RP disputes, don't make us.
9) Standard content rules apply here. Keep it relatively family friendly folks.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask anyone on the team.
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