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Creative Corner and Caption Images Rules

Postby Helel » Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:40 am

The Rules for the Creative Corner are as follows:
1. The Creative Corner forum is for the posting of stories and art that you've generated or found.
2. Nudity in art is not allowed, linked or otherwise, except if it is tasteful and has artistic value, and even then, a clear emphasized warning should be present and the image should be linked. Soliciting inappropriate images through PMs is acceptable however. Please keep this in mind. If you want to let people know you have inappropriate material, and they can PM you to get that material, that is alright.
3. Stories of graphic or sexual nature are not really wanted here, no offense. That doesn't mean your stories need to be squeaky clean. There are many ways you can use various literary devices to make your story as graphic and sexual as you want, without it actually being graphic or sexual. Sounds wrong, but trust me, you can do it.
4. Make sure your Criticism and Comments are constructive folks, just saying someone has a bad story isn't allowed (and never appreciated without good reason). If its bad, make sure you've got plenty of literary reasons for it (grammar, plot, transition, etc). Do not flame just to flame. If you're not sure how to go about this, read your post and ask yourself "can they use this to get better?"

With regards to the Captions Sub-forum:
1. If you are using art that isn't yours, please make a note of that fact.
2. If someone asks you to remove mention of them from your caption (if they end up in it) please do so.
2a. There is a waiver post for those who want to be in captions. Use that if you're not sure.
3. Captions that include someone else's art will be removed at the artists request. Artists, please PM a moderator or admin if you want this to be so.
4. Easy on your criticism folks. Make it constructive, not biting.

Additional guidelines:
When you're creating your topics in the Creative Corner, be sure to indicate what lies within the thread- whether art or writing or whatever. Keep it clear. If you want it really simple, use the [Art] or [Writing] tags to indicate what the thread is about.
As for story lengths, try not to post multi chapter stories in one single post, keep them to readable lengths. Entice them to wait for your next post, don't bore them with page after page after page after page of scrolling.
Also, bear in mind that though this is a TG/TF focused forum, your creative creations don't NEED to be TG/TF related. But you'll probably just get more interest if you do follow with the theme of the forums. :P

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask anyone on the team.
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