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General Discussion and Polls rules

Postby Helel » Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:17 pm

With regards to all discussions in these forums:
1. Please respect the opinions expressed by others.
2. No roleplaying of any sort in this room at all. The moment you walk in this room, all character business is left outside and you speak as yourself.
3. Any sort of topic is allowed, but try not to generate anything particularly divisive.
4. No profanity in discussions. If you're being civil like you're supposed to, there shouldn't be a need to use profanity anyways.
5. No hatemongering, bashing, or flamming of any sort.
6. Your nose ends where the next person's begins.
7. Above all else, have a good time.

Supplementary Rules for Polls:
1. Please do not 'stack' votes by using alt accounts to vote multiple times.
2. The same goes with using alt accounts to spread out voting over several options. Vote once with one of your accounts and leave it at that. (For more casual polls this isn't a big deal, but for when a serious poll is taking place, this is iron clad to keep the poll fair.)
3. Please respect the expressed opinions of others and try not to get into an argument about others opinions others: though you are free to make new topics about such things in.
4. Try not to RP to much in the threads. This isn't to say you cant drop an anvil or safe now and then, just keep it on topic.

Guidelines for Polls:
1. If its a subject allowed at MSF, then go ahead. This isn't to say that you can just spam poll topics of course, use your heads.
2. Try to avoid popularity polls, and try not to limit the answers of polls to just two options, we don't like definites (unless of course the topic in question just has two answers). The corollary to that is try not to overload the poll with options.
3. Set a time period on the poll length (7 days is a good number). This makes it easier to maintain the forum, as pruning polls means they have to be closed, if they have an open poll length, we have to go into the poll and edit it ourselves.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask anyone on the team.
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