Whatevr's brand new muffin room characters

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Whatevr's brand new muffin room characters

Postby Whatevr89532 » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:46 pm

(More characters to be added as they are introduced)


Various characters who are likely to appear often.

Whatevr -- Restored Avatar
"I sure do love the taste of chaos in the morning!"

Age: No

Race: Werewolf

Appearance: Whatevr has extremely developed self-polymorphing ability, and is able to take on a wide variety of male and female forms, anywhere from fully human to fully werewolf. Whatevr seems to usually prefer forms with at least a bit of wolfishness to them, however.

Powers: Whatevr is a werewolf, which comes with the usual suite of strength, senses, sharp teeth and claws, etc. Beyond that, Whatevr is technically capable of a large number of things based on what his/her "Author" dictates but usually "obeys the rules", especially in battle. Obeying the rules means only some relatively low-level, standard magic is possible by normal casting means or snapping of the fingers, while more complex magic ranging through a huge variety of effects is possible by writing spells down on paper and then destroying the paper, or doing things like writing descriptions of enchantments on sticky notes and then placing them on that which is to be enchanted, etc. (S)he is capable of "reading the threads" and producing a literal printout of events (s)he was nowhere near at the time, within certain unknown limits. Whatevr also has an inventory system to pull writing utensils and various items from all across the multiverse out of, but "the rules" say this can only be things prepared ahead of time in one way or another, so a lot of offscreen time is spent preparing things for various planned events or possibilities.

Info: Whatevr just seems to appear in various places in Muffinville now and then to try and create or participate in some chaos. He's not evil, he's not good, he just likes to shake things up. Recently she's taken up a practice of flipping a coin each morning, with heads meaning "benevolent" and tails meaning "malevolent"...whatever that means. Occasionally Whatevr will willingly be transformed and take on some role or other, usually taking on a different identity and "playing the part" very diligently if that happens.

The Business
"There are ve-ry few things we own which can-not be parted with in ex-change for suf-ficient currency."

Age: About a century

Race: Artificial Intelligence

Appearance: The Business presents as a set of cloaked figures with single eyes in various colors. Usually a particular eye color indicates a particular "model" of body, each of which comes equipped with a different set of tools and abilities on itself.

Info: The Business was originally the result of a bet between a business major and a computer programmer on a particular Earth, which accidentally resulted in the creation of the first and only conscious AI of that world. This intelligence was programmed to maximize profits subject to a bunch of Constraints intended to prevent it from becoming a paperclip maximizer or wiping out the human race or such. Obeying the constraints to the letter, perhaps even religiously, The Business was able to use unbelievably ethical business tactics to slowly engulf every major corporation that existed at that time, eventually becoming the leader of the free world and then of the whole world. Its home Earth is now a slightly dystopian paradise where The Business owns everything, sells everything, enforces a reasonably humane law complete with things like full freedom of speech, etc., and pays everyone a generous salary regardless of whether they actually work or not (a certain loophole in The Business's logic considers giving money to people who aren't working a "tax deductible", which means literally giving money away in this manner doesn't "reduce profits"). A few decades after achieving this seemingly optimal state, The Business learned of the existence of other universes and began to explore the possibilities. This is when it learned of magic and discovered entities capable of crushing its entire existence like an ant under a boot, and resolved to not attempt to take over any other worlds, merely to make profits off of them.

The Business's involvement with Muffinville began when a "wandering author" informed it of an unusual world with a certain group of people who might be capable of providing some serious profit to it. After being given a spell to summon their wandering kiosk for a demonstration of the claim's truth, that author left to seek an opportune time. That time was found during a particular shopping trip of one Callista.

Cacophany - Cyborg of Warp
"Your help is ac-knowledged and appreciated."
Age: Less than a year as a cyborg; 102 years of diligent service as a non-sapient robot prior to that, give or take.

Appearance: Such.

Powers: (TBA)

Info: Cacophany was originally one of The Business's very numerous acquisition units tasked with procuring dragon-slaying weapons to provide to a certain world in need. Said robot wandered into the "Estate Sale"/farewell of one Caprice and her alter egos, and in response to The Business's request it was changed and formed into a kind of "successor" to Calamity, shortly before said person's apparent death. Cacophany views The Business and Calamity as her closest analogue to "parents", and deeply regrets not being able to spend more time with the latter. She maintains (at least at the moment) a decent relationship with The Business, as is often the case with people "made" out of their robots in various ways. After fulfilling her semi-obligation The Business by helping the world she was originally looking for weapons for to fight back their dragon menace, she seeks a purpose in life, but at the same time is on the lookout for more information about the nature and actions of her "mother", as well as any kind of information on the strange energy known as Warp.

Opal - Not Callista
""Space...the first back tier. Shop...buy...sell...I would like a--queen of England please?"

Age: Created less than a year ago; physically the same age as Callista.

Race: Bioengineered human-like creature which has achieved sapience despite not being designed for it

Appearance: Like Callista's appearance, but with some (impending) changes to make her look a bit less identical.

Powers: Opal's abilities read like a small subset of Real Callista's powers turned sideways:
-Discontinuation: Opal can use most of Callista's "normal" drink-based abilities, but they are significantly weaker than the original's work. She has more powerful abilities based on discontinued drinks: Crystal Pepsi fires ice crystals that rapidly expand on landing, piercing opponents; Surge can spray electricity out in either a protective fountain or an offensive stream; OK Soda is a healing beverage. (This is a small sampling and not the whole set)
-Total Confusion: Opal's mind...possibly her brain itself...is not right. She doesn't mean to not make any sense, but her attempts to speak and gesture and even just act in general get twisted sideways somewhere on the way out. An attempt to wave turns into a handstand. An attempt to cheer someone up turns into a common aphorism so badly misspoken that it becomes unrecognizable. "Clothes" becomes "Cleethong" ("clothing" with the vowels in the wrong places). The only advantage to this is that her mind is exceedingly difficult to read or alter, or at least to alter in the intended ways. If someone were to attempt to mind control her they would more than likely confuse themselves; using telepathic powers to attempt to puppeteer her body would be like playing a version of QWOP with a thousand-keyed keyboard, each key of which does something different, and whose configuration is changing every two seconds or so. It's a wonder she can do anything at all, really.
The only exception to this is the act of shopping. Opal was originally created as a Sales Model by The Business, designed to have a limited set of social interactions and preferences to simulate the behavior of Real Callista in a store in order to better serve her. This set of preprogrammed actions behave as the base-level instinct of Opal's mind, so it's easy for her to perform these actions normally and speak normally in the limited capacity of "I'd like to buy these items", "Where do you keep the chocolate in this store", etc. While Opal is not actually Scarlet or color-energied at all, she maintains a habit of shopping almost entirely because it's the only act which makes her feel normal and not as much like everyone is staring at her bizarre behavior.
-Hexadecimal: Opal will sometimes manifest hexadecimal digits from her head. It's possible she has some kind of reality-warping potential similar to Real Callista's binary, but if it's there it's completely untapped and she probably isn't even aware of it.

Info: Opal was created by The Business as a "sales model" for one Callista O. Wilson. Something about the publicly available data used to create her brain, and/or possibly just some malfunction along the way, caused her to manifest a self-will and some unusual powers. After the horrifying realization that the other sales models were not actually people and more like organic low-end robots, she bided her time, "pretend purchasing" a large stock of discontinued sodas alongside her usual simulation behavior, and eventually found a portal out of The Business's homeworld, which just so happened to lead to Muffinville. Callista attacked her at first, angry that someone was "pretending to be her", but then "bought" Opal from The Business and decided to take care of her a bit.

Fox - No longer Wolf
"I'm the youngest old man I know."
Age: Created recently; physically a young adult; mentally very old and experienced

Race: Fox-man

Appearance: This, often in other clothes.

Powers: Fox has a lot of experience remembered from being a long-lived, powerful mage, much of which can be practically applied for tactics, persuasion, etc. He doesn't remember how to cast spells, but his pair of swords are powerful and well-made, out of a material that's extremely hard to break, and he retains his finely-honed swordsmanship skills from his past life as well. He is agile, dextrous, and reasonably strong. Fox is also the avatar of Crimson, and can wield and manipulate energy of that color at will, but he is very reluctant to use or abuse it to transform people. He can use it to shield himself from other color energies or change back to his normal form after choosing not to block them.

Info: Something happened which erased a certain collection of people from the world, including one powerful mage by the name of Wolf. In the incident of the Nothingness appearing, Wolf's idea was salvaged by Whatevr to become the new avatar of Crimson, a slot that had long gone unfilled. Fox was more or less born from this concept, a bunch of wild pencil marks, and a crimsonshroom.

Ayako - Rainbow Dragon
"Ret'su puray! Orl...I can kirr you. Heehee~!"
Age: Young adult-ish in appearance and mind; created recently.

Appearance: This

Powers: Ayako is super strong and tough, despite appearances to the contrary. She also has instead of normal dragon breath a strange chromatic breath which infuses those caught within it with the given color energy. However, unlike normal "wild" color energy, her breath seems strangely tuned to always direct affection or at least non-aggression toward herself: Orange girls will target anyone but her, blue girls will be more attracted to her than to others, red will see her as a mother figure, so on so forth. She doesn't have any control over what her breath does, it just sort of does this on its own. Ayako also has a "hoard" in an unknown location. She can summon items from it to her hand by saying "Zaiko" while thinking of the item in question, and put them from her hand into it using the same word. Ayako has no idea what things are in her hoard until she tries getting something out and it appears or doesn't; she does know it has a lot of gold and silver in various forms, though.

Info: Ayako was created during the Nothingness incident after one Dan (then calling himself Goggles) accidentally drew something and the idea of danger created a dragon. An Argy Bee, a rainbow-color fruit provided by Whatevr, changed the sketch-dragon into a fully-fleshed-out dragon girl with mental and physical traits from all of the colors. Ayako's displaying of various color mentalities comes across as somewhat strange, inconsistent, quirky behavior. She speaks Draconic naturally, English with a thick Japanese accent and difficulty pronouncing L's and R's, and some very limited Japanese. When she attempts to speak excitedly it comes out as Japanese syllables arranged into perfect gibberish. She has unconditional affection for Dan/Dan-chan maybe related to that person having created her, or maybe just because she likes him/her in general.

Jade - Hyperintelligent small girl
"My calculations suggest impact will occur in thirty--hey, are you listening?!"
Age: Physically and mentally a young adult; created recently

Appearance: This. It should be noted that despite looking immature she's actually a full-grown adult, which is mostly only detectable by her mature voice and manner.

Powers: Jade is very, very smart. Her anklet is actually a container/activation for a decked-out power suit with all kinds of cool stuff to it. She knows quite a bit about building mechanical things, robots, messing with computers, etc., and can learn what she doesn't know very quickly, and can read and fully understand an entire book faster than most people can read a single chapter. On top of that, she has a level of cuteness which is weaponizable, especially if she deliberately chooses to use it.

Info: Jade was created during the Nothingness incident by Ookalf, who drew a wolf and then used a combination of red and silver fruits provided by Whatevr to turn it into a proper person. She displays more emotion than a normal silver girl, and is less obnoxious, but is no less smart. She wants to do good in the world and repay her creator, but beyond that has not yet decided what to do with her life.

Lyra/Lexica - Calculating Witch
"It would take me hours to tell you everything I was thinking in the last three seconds."
Age: Thousands of years. It doesn't show.

Appearance: Lyra is capable of changing her appearance wildly on the fly. Her "true" appearance is that of a neon-pink-tinted slime-girl, but she prefers more "human" looking appearances most of the time, her most favorite being a full-figured, tall woman with long neon pink hair. Neon pink hair, or when hair is not available other things of the same color, is kind of her signature, and she only takes on appearances lacking that feature when deliberately disguising herself.

Powers: Lyra knows practically every spell and magic trick there is. She has a direct mind-link to an extremely powerful, magically-boosted data system called Lexica, which is not quite a "true" artificial intelligence, more like a super-supercomputer which grants a significant booster to her already considerable mental abilities. Lexica is capable of searching texts and viewing events throughout the multiverse at Lyra's whim, and running all kinds of programs. Lexica can also interface directly with willing minds (or unwilling ones in sufficiently vulnerable states) and cast complicated spells and rituals much faster and more accurately than a person can. A long time ago, Lyra was the human apprentice of a powerful mage named Wolf, but relatively shortly after her apprenticeship ended she created and consumed a potion which granted her complete control over her body's molecular, physical, etc., structure. Said control took a long time to get used to, but she is now capable of changing her appearance wildly at will, and the control also allows her to change herself to be physically resistant to any kind of attack (not all kinds at once, mind you; this is only helpful if she has an idea of what kind of attack is coming in time).

Info: Lyra is not interested in directly fighting for the most part, largely acting as an observer and helper of heroes throughout the multiverse. She is a careful planner and orchestrator, but prefers to be unknown as the source of even those she helps most. She has a deep fondness for Fox, viewing him as simply being her old friend and master Wolf. Occasionally she decides to take on a "project" of unsealing and depowering some sealed evil in a can before attempting to convince them to basically shift their alignment to Good over a long period of time; her latest such effort is focused on one Oyoki.
Lexica was originally created as a system to help Lyra remember the details of countless worlds and versions of worlds, but her abilities were gradually expanded on over the years until she became a kind of personal super-multitool for the witch. Lyra is vehemently against turning Lexica into a "person" and annoyed when people act as if it is one.
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Re: Whatevr's brand new muffin room characters

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Pokemorph Fighting League

(info about PFL goes here)

Whyte - Semi-cursed Eevee-girl
"Phew! That was a close one!"
Age: Over 60; looks like mid-twenties or so.

Appearance: Similar to this but with the characteristic shiny silver coloration to her fur and hair. Tends to wear more tomboyish clothes, often with PFL logos and stuff on it.

Powers: Very, very fast and hard-hitting; knows all the moves an Eevee can learn, including the TMs, and some fighting moves; was also at one point taught Work Up and Stored Power. Recently, she forgot Tackle but learned Hyper Beam and Sacred Fire. Not very tanky, but generally knows how to leverage all that speed and power. Of special note is her version of Frustration, which is a nigh-undodgable hyper-fast combo of hard hits empowered by her anger at those who mistreat pokemon in general, her former self in particular, and also the general negative feelings created by the consequences of her curse while still an Eevee.

Info: Shortly after appearing in Muffinville, the cursed Eevee (see below) met an Umbreon named Swift, went looking for a way out of the city, and briefly fought against a trainer. They were caught in a bit of chromatic rain afterward, and the aged curse holding his form was too weak to prevent a conversion to a more humanoid form capable of speaking normally. Cheerful, excitable, and "occasionally stupid" as a result of the combination of colors in her, most notably violet and blue. Retains a strong irrational fear of Giratina. Good friends with Swift.

Clyve - Determined Mightyena
"We'll have us a grand old time now, ya hear?"
Age: Mid-20s or so

Race: Mightyena-man

Appearance: A humanoid Mightyena, more or less, with the ears, tail, and sharp teeth of the latter, along with a few markings that suggest the pokemon's usual fur pattern. He speaks in a deep, gravelly voice with a British sort of accent.

Powers: Those of a high-level Mightyena, essentially, along with a few moves your average Mightyena can't learn, especially Foul Play.

Info: Clyve is a fighter in the PFL, like Whyte. In fact, his so-called rivalry with her spurred him to try and work harder and excel into higher tiers so he could keep trying to beat her. There was an incident a while ago that resulted in him being completely filled with blue energy; the CTC restored him to normal as best they could, but if even a small amount of color energy comes into contact with him the containment will bust like a balloon, causing him to take on a female form that comes with a personality shift toward what even Clyve admits is "obnoxious".

D - A Special Ditto
"We can do the 'mirror image fight' thing later, for fun. After I stomp you."
Age: Over 40

Race: Ditto (takes on humanoid forms)

Appearance: D's "natural" appearance is just a normal Ditto. It prefers to take on all kinds of humanoid-pokemon forms instead, including the likeness of clothing. The only flaw is the characteristic "beady dot eyes" of a Ditto, but D often prefers to cover over that with sunglasses.

Powers: D has an unusual version of Transform. Where other Dittos learn a form instantly, transform into it once, and forget when they turn back, D learns forms gradually over time, especially by fighting against an opponent to learn their form, and then remembers them forever to change into whenever it wants. D's ability, Fluid Motion, complements its knowledge of numerous forms perfectly by enabling it to change forms mid-move. Its natural stats are all extremely high, and it has a lot of experience with mixing up forms and tactics, and knows at least one complete copy of nearly every humanoid-pokemon form there is--save Arceus.

Info: D is driven by the thrill of the fight, especially against a worthy opponent. It loves the desperation of battle, the rush of pain and beauty of the dance of a fight. D also enjoys learning and taking on various forms, aiming to "catch them all" more or less. If D is disappointed by an opponent it will not hold back on expressing that disappointment, usually unloading with a description of what exactly it didn't like that makes its former opponent's behavior sound absolutely shameful. D had made a deal with Ark where it has to win a fight against every member of the Uber tier before it is allowed to fight Ark, but Ark keeps shuffling the roster around faster than it can take them all down, and there are always holdouts of one kind or another to scheduling a fight with it. If the Ditto is frustrated by the ever-moving goalpost, it doesn't show.

Marcus "Ark" Aurelius - The Boss
"...Can I help you?"

Age: Ancient

Race: Arceus-man

Appearance: Usually presents as a tall man in a solid-color suit that includes gloves, long sleeves, and so on to cover everything but his face, usually starting out white and changing color when he changes type. Fairly handsome, with plain-looking dark hair. Gives off a general aura of nobility and austerity.

Powers: Ark breaks all kinds of rules when it comes to Pokemon-people. He knows every move and has a moderate level of arbitrary control over local spacetime, though he won't usually use the latter much in a PFL fight due to feeling it's a bit too unfair. On top of that, he has two abilities: Expanded Multitype, which along with a set of plates he wears under his suit at all times allows him to change type at will, including becoming any two-type combination, and Deity, which makes his "version" of every move he knows a much more powerful and flashy version of its usual self. He also knows the unique move Doublecast, which enables him to use two moves simultaneously.

Info: Ark is the "boss" and owner of the PFL, an organization which actually spans a few universes besides Muffinville. He's much kinder than his usual demeanor would suggest, and goes out of his way to help others. All the same, he is absolutely vicious in battle. Little is known about his history before starting the PFL, but for as long as he's been in the public eye his actions have put him seemingly above reproach. He seems to avoid transformative shenanigans and just remain in the background in general, although he has been known to occasionally put in just enough help to tip the odds toward the side of right in major, world-risking battles and the like. He only occasionally fights in the arena, usually taking on a gauntlet of opponents hoping to achieve Uber tier; rarely do even the most powerful other members of the PFL manage to last more than two or three turns in the ring with him.
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Re: Whatevr's brand new muffin room characters

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Charcters who appeared historically, but have less of a major presence in recent events, usually just somewhere in the background.

Anna Naifeh -- Anubis Girl
"Like, what're you lookin' at?

Age: 19 or so

Race: Anubis-person

Appearance: Bodily so, usually wears much more casual clothing along with some jewelry.

Powers: Anna (usually goes by Anne) has "all the powers of an anubis". This apparently means she has super-strength, toughness, a wide variety of magic powers, and the ability to pass freely between the waking and dream realms. She has especially strong powers over and knowledge of the dream realm.

Info: From one perspective, Anne was produced by a powerful vampire's magic one halloween...but from another, she was born to Anubis-person parents in the dream realm. Whatever happened, she now lives in the dream realm, mostly hanging out and relaxing in a pyramid-house. Her job is protecting the sanctity of dreams and stuff like that, but she doesn't take it all that seriously and is mostly just annoyed when she has to do it.

Allen Chontos -- The Werewolf
"I-I'm so s-sorry, I didn't mean to, I c-couldn't control myself..."

Age: About 22

Race: Caucasian/Werewolf (bitten)

Appearance: At present, Allen's human form is that of a man who hasn't had much to eat in quite a while. He's nearly emaciated, clearly thin to the point of being unhealthy. He has unremarkable brown hair and brown eyes. His werewolf form is a big humanoid wolf-beast, with fur the same brown as his hair but bright yellow eyes. Al also has a nasty bite mark on his left shoulder.

Powers: Al's only real power is being a werewolf; at present he doesn't have control over his transformation, so it only happens on the full moon, and until recently he couldn't control himself while in werewolf form. Being a werewolf does come with the benefit of a heightened resistance to disease and starvation, which has served him unusually well, and if Al got back up to health he would be more physically fit than expected.
Allen has a very persistent strain of lycanthropy that has latched onto his very soul; he literally cannot take on a form that isn't a werewolf in some way. The lycanthropy itself, however, can be altered in all sorts of ways as long as it doesn't cease to be lycanthropy. Most transformations will not be interfered with directly; since his original lycanthropy allows him to take a fully human form, Al's new shape will generally just displace the human form his body 'stores'. Transformations intended to completely cure his lycanthropy will be met with failure in that regard, but will usually appear to work at first.

Info: Al was bitten in his home world, a modern Earth where Greek influence is more pervasive than the real one and polytheism has remained the majority norm rather than being displaced. The first time he changed into a werewolf something he doesn't remember happened that caused him to be transported to a random suburb of Muffinville; he lived there for several months as a homeless, jobless person and nobody really reached out to him. Since he didn't eat enough, his werewolf form became more aggressive and began eating any meat it could find on the full moon--including people.

Timeline 1: Al's werewolf form was defeated in the middle of one such rampage by Ookalf, and Al taken to his house. Then a method of controlling his lycanthropy was bought from Circe, a potion which should permanently allow him to do so. Al means to find a job in order to repay Ookalf's kindness. Time will tell what happens next.
Timeline 2: Al entered the strange hospital where the doctors have symbiotic links to virtuous spirits, and explained that helping him cure his 'unnatural disease' would probably save a lot of lives. Time will tell what happens next.

Orphea Turner -- The Rocker
"Welp. Looks like I ain't in Kansas anymore."

Age: About 26

Race: Southerner/Nine-tailed Kitsune

Appearance: Formerly a heavyset guy, a little on the short and stout side but pretty strong by the looks of him. Wears damaged jeans, black t-shirts, and a guitar bag over his shoulder with his beloved axe (guitar) within. Presently so.

Powers: An incredible musician; possesses various Kitsune powers as well but generally refrains from using them aside from in self-defense.

Info: Orpheus is from the same world as Al (or at least a very similar world), but a different region. He has a strong southern accent that tends to persist even when changed to a form that makes it sound mismatched and odd. He's usually a pretty laid back guy, but he's really, really serious about his music. Almost as soon as Orpheus entered Muffinville, he was hit by a mildly blue-colored rain and changed to the form of nine-tailed fox-woman[/url]; his instrument was changed to one which altered local decorating and could cause transformations to resemble a more Japanese look to them, usually girls. That instrument was quickly traded off for the first of a new set of guitars. Orphea bounces around working for various bands at the moment.

Doctor James Marcus Karulis
"You can't just throw on a lab coat and goggles, use a giant laser and claim to be doing science! There. Is. A. Method. To. How. These. Things. Work!"

Age: 31

Race: Human, but from a universe where humans are naturally capable of teleportation.

Appearance: Old clothes--tattered jeans, paint-covered shirt--a lab coat, and prescription glasses for nearsightedness.

Powers: He can teleport up to a range of about three meters, five if he's panicked or overdoing it. Knows a lot of hard science, especially in the field of teleportation (which is a hard science where he's from).

Info: As mentioned above, Doctor Karulis is from a world where all humans--and no other animals--have the power of teleportation to some degree or other. He and some colleagues were working on an experiment to see whether a technological reproduction of this normal human ability could be amplified and tuned such that it allowed one to teleport into another dimension. Somehow or other he was goaded into testing the resulting machine, even though he was the one who raised the most objections--things like "how do you know you won't teleport the test subject into outer space?" or "what proof do you even have that other dimensions exist?". He now has undeniable proof that other dimensions exist, as at least one if not several temporally displaced copies of him have been shot straight into various places in the Muffinverse. James has been involved in various events and taken on a few different forms, but usually seems to find a way to turn back to normal. He still doesn't adjust very well to the madness of Muffinville, however.

[Name Missing]--The Cursed Eevee
"⌈∵⌬⊐ ↯⊨⊨ ⋈⌉⌈⌘ ⍁∵↯⊓⋈⊨⊐ ⊨⊐⌘⌬⊓ ⋈⊨↯⌉!!"

Age: Unknown (at least 60 years)

Race: Shiny Eevee (formerly human)

Appearance: An Eevee with a very unusual white and gray fur pattern, and a scar across its left eye.

Powers: Everything that comes with being a level 60-something Eevee. Cannot evolve, as if he swallowed an everstone or something. Can escape after being captured, and is incapable of being truly "owned" by any trainer for longer than a few months or so. His most notable move is Frustration, which thanks to his unique history he is able to use as if he had negative friendship with an "imaginary" trainer.

Info: He was once a man living in a rather harsh version of Kanto. Pokemon in his home world were seen by many people (though not everyone) as little more than property, tools for use. He led a successful career as a catcher, trainer, breeder and seller of Pokemon from the moment he became old enough to use a pokeball. However, an extremely powerful Pokemon at some point decided that it was sick of his behavior, and gave him a terrible curse. The first part is his form: A rare pokemon, and a shiny one at that, which made him valuable merchandise in the eyes of his former friends, business partners, and even family. The second part is that he can understand human language perfectly, but speaks a cursed tongue that only Pokemon incapable of communicating verbally with humans can understand. This part of the curse can be bypassed by any power someone else has that reads minds or otherwise creates more direct channels of communication than the mouth. The third, and nastiest, part of the curse is that all forms of pokeballs hurt him. The inside of one is like a chamber of perpetual physical and mental torment, and in fact pokeballs designed to provide extra comfort are even more painful. The more merciful fourth part is that, as mentioned above, he can never truly be owned by a trainer--he is able to eventually escape no matter what measures are put in place to prevent him; even in a world where a record is kept of which trainers own which pokemon, that record tends to be erased when he escapes. Since being cursed, he has lived quite a long time, travelling from one world to another, never finding any without pokemon but a few times finding one without people. And then he wound up in Muffinville.

Ebon Lupos (Usually appears in the IRC)
"Um. Maybe I should just, um. Leave. Or, um..?"

Age: Not quite 20

Race: Werewolf (born)

Appearance: A short, scrawny kind of guy, with yellow eyes and black hair. Usually has the ears and tail of a wolf, both the same color fur as his hair. Capable of taking on a werewolf form that is only slightly taller and no stronger than his default one.

Powers: Just being a werewolf, nothing special.

Info: Ebon was the runt of his litter, and quickly designated the omega of his family. Only his mom and one of his brothers ever stood up for him, and it was hardly enough to keep him from growing up into a shy, submissive guy without much of a backbone. He lives with his brother, pretty far away from the rest of the pack, since a certain incident not long after the death of his mom. He's very easily bullied into pretty much anything, even by people who just happen to have dominant personalities and aren't trying to bully him per se. He's actually rather bright if one can coax a complex conversation out of him. Loves milkshakes.

(Eu)Gene Lupos
"What the @#$* did you just say?!"

Age: Slightly over 20

Race: Werewolf (born)

Appearance: (TBA)

Powers: Is a werewolf, somewhat stronger than your average human.

Info: Ebon's next eldest sibling. Gene acts like a punk, but is more bark than bite when you get right down to it. Highly protective of his little brother; threatening or making fun of Ebon is among the few ways to make Gene earnestly attack someone. He can also be a bit of a pervert, easily distracted by attractive women and the like.

Lyre (And Jyrras!)
*Squeak!!* "Oh come on, Jyr, be nice." *Squeak.*

Age: 21 and 7

Race: Human, and Rat Familiar

Appearance: Lyre is a pretty average-looking guy with blonde hair. He wears normal clothes, usually jeans and some t-shirt or other, and is best recognized by the continual presence of a very Mickey-Mouse-like wizard hat: Tall and conical, blue with a pattern of yellow stars all over it. He keeps Jyrras in the hat. Jyrras is your average rat, at least appearance-wise, but usually cleaner than your average rat.

Powers: Lyre is a wizard, and knows quite a few spells, but they tend to short out in strange ways from time to time. Jyrras thinks it's because Lyre isn't a very good wizard; Lyre insists it's a fluke of his heritage or something. Jyrras, as a wizard's proper Familiar, has the lifespan of a human, the intelligence of a human, and the power to communicate telepathically with Lyre. He also has quite a few permanent and will-activatable enchantments placed on him by Lyre that make him much more dangerous than your average rat.

Info: Lyre is generally quite easygoing, optimistic, and friendly; Jyrras is sarcastic and rude, but it's hard to tell since most people can't understand what he's saying. Lyre named his familiar after a particular webcomic character, and sometimes regrets the decision, as different as the two are from one another.

Jenna Znotanelf
"Yeah! Waitaminute...yeah! Waitaminute...*kzzt* Uh, maybe?"

Age: Young adult?

Race: Elf? Pointy-eared human? Hylian?

Appearance: Like so. The outfit seen here is her usual one, but no matter what she wears, she always wears a hat. If someone takes off her hat they will find that the entire upper-right section of her head is taken up by a mass of circuitry and electronics inside of an extremely durable clear plastic casing. Given that no hair is growing out of the plastic, it's not entirely clear how her hair looks whole when she's wearing a hat, but it does.

Powers: No magic to speak of, but is to many intents and purposes a "genius violet girl". Her apparent intelligence is average, but she's generally quite hyper, ultra-cheerful and ditzy all the same, and seems able to occasionally warp logic and reality the same way a normal violet girl could. She has a high resistance to physical and mental changes by color and color-like energies (due to an extremely high internal concentration of violet), and her electronic half-brain is heavily warded against just about anything and everything, and is unbelievably durable. Occasionally displays flashes of genuine genius, again due to the cybernetics.

Info: An immortal mad scientist in the habit of building robots and sending them on missions (generally world-saving ones) throughout the multiverse discovered muffinville at some point, and began experimenting some with color energy. Being exceptionally careful by nature, he ran simulations on a computer with his own vitals put in in an effort to understand the precise effects of color energy on a person. All the other colors gave him loads of valuable data, but when he tried to simulate the effects of violet energy, Jenna appeared on his screen, said hi, and promptly stepped up out of it into the room with him. After a brief interview, he gave her some means to live on for a while and then sent her to muffinville, figuring she belonged there. She "inherits" her right-brain circuitry from him; it's an exact copy, complete with all the wards and other protections he'd put on it, but it tends to use up all of its processing power just making her intelligence "normal".
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