Kitty Kennel

Gah! It's a high-powered metamorphing green gelatinous blob! Or maybe it's something else. Who's your character? Post here!

Kitty Kennel

Postby Abillioncats » Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:04 pm

Welp, I don't have much in here. Not yet anyway. :o

Current roster:

Cathy - formerly a young boy who likes to fish, after getting turned into a girl and then transformed a bit she was unfortunate enough to get hit with a bit of violet and is now an excitable catgirl. Despite being violet she is very intelligent and often schemes on how to get what she wants most, which is fish of course~

Clark (Kara) Foyer: - A defense attorney, currently turned into a girl thanks to a cocomellon.

Dan Morningway: A vigilante with the apparent ability to summon weapons and other objects, how he does this exactly is currently unknown to everyone but himself.

Ana - formly a normal boy, was shot with a magical arrow and now looks like this

Gina - A cyborg girl that works for Raleigh.

Robin - A former boy that has become a catgirl maid. She now works for Lady Circe.
Kitty Kennel (aka my roster of characters)
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